another sneak peak

since the whole process about learning procedural generation is quite lengthy and I needed some progress, I made a basic cave shape with Blender and put a standard assets texture on it, aswell as adjusted global fog setting and added some floating particles.
I’m also working quite hard on making the camera collide properly with the environment 😮 maybe I’m gonna use the one provided by unity, but I really want to learn how to do it on my own also.



Update on my “kind of” horror game

Since a while I’m now working on a small-medium sized project, that was inspired by a website that spits out random game descriptions 😀
clicky 😀

My very first result was this:

and since I always loved spore and any kind of survival game aaaaand because I want to learn more about special effects etc. I thought why not? Why not make a game that pushes me a bit more, helps me learning the things I lack in currently and maybe could become the first game that I put on gaming platforms to sell, just to see how it would do? (That is only, if I get it to work and look properly)
Hopefully, since I intend it to be a horror game aswell, I can also learn alot about atmosphere and immersion 🙂

Soooo…I showed last time already how my prototype looks like, which I used to see how I can add screen effects in unity and play around with cloth physics to make a Blob like shape…I will probably not use the cloth component though, since it’s movement is very unreliable and might not be suitable for attaching more components to that body…besides in unity 5 cloth can only collide with spheres and capsules :/ which is rather disappointing, buuuut I just want creatures to look as IF they are jelly like, so I will just work with boneweights in Blender instead 🙂
Also this gives me the opportunity to work on my Blender skills 😀 which I am somewhat excited about.
At the same time I’m trying to find out how feasible it is to make a random Cave Generator, which is not as difficult as I thought, but at the same time more difficult than I thought 😮 mostly because the one tutorial I’m following, which seems to be for unity 4 instead of 5 (although it’s compatible) and some confusion about what variable names that person is using etc. Not to mention that I have difficulties with understanding how exactly binaries are being “counted”, which seems to be important for the mesh generation per code. All in all I’m not sure, if I can make random levels, it might be easier to just model a 3D cave, but with what I have in my mind, it would be also ALOT of work.

now to some more graphical aspects: I made quite many sketches already and figured I could show them off here, since I got some off time from my daughter and because I promised to upload even the crappy stuff here and to make the game development visible, which is honestly hard, once you get into game development, because all I can think of is working on the game and writing into my blog seems to be rather annoying, since it’s not progressing the game 😛


Ominous shadow

It’s hard to find the time to actually write here what exactly I’m doing at the moment. I’m feeling like the spare time I have I want to use for development…so here, have some picture again 😀


modelling with Blender

just learned about this awesome skin modifier today in Blender 😀 I love it ^^



Also I tried to figure out a way to import fractals into Blender and I was successfull 😀 this is a Blender Screenshot 🙂 Sadly polygon count is very high, so I need to find a solution for that…fractalinblender

edit: I could reduce it’s polygoncount from 3 millions to 182k without loosing too much of the overall shape 🙂 so there is hope 😀

jiggle tests for a new game project

pretty self explanatory 🙂 I used cloth modifier, spheres, cubes and spring joints aswell as some physics material to achieve all of the effects. The last one is based on the structure image of how to create softbody physics.
see here:

I think I’m on the right track with this and it for sure would deliver better results with a bit higher poly meshes 🙂

some experimenting and

Last weeks were quite eventful, not so much because of christmas, but because after the ludum dare my daughter got several teeth at once lol. So I was completely sleep deprived AND getting constantly interrupted, because she needed comfort, so I lost quite alot of my gathered enthusiasm about my game and the whole “rate and play others games”.

Nontheless I somehow managed to continue fixing some bugs and figuring some more code things out aswell as drawing here and there and experimenting with “how to make a camera rotate independent from a character” etc.
Also I wanted something more simple and that I would be able to understand than the completely overloaded mouselook script from unity.

All the while I’m also working on a kind of secret map project for wurm online and I released more builds for my Hatchling game and now I also have an independent site where I can publish and distribute whatever games I make 🙂 without needing to keep everything in my dropbox.