make it better!

I’m wanting to do it right, so I started scribbling on top of my drawing 😛 I will make a new one anyway, since I don’t think i want to go this detailed, but way more stylized. But I’m starting to get a feeling for some shapes already, so I’m happy I’m doing this 🙂



Another attempt…

…On finding the design I want to go with, for my rat people, the main player race in Dragonlands, so that I can finally make my first 3D model with it 🙂 I have procrastinated it far too long.
Of course fitting that in about 2 weeks the next ludum dare is happening 😀 I hope I can acquire a few more skills before it starts 🙂


as a side note, I really have difficulties coming up with a good idea for those feet. I mean i have an idea, that I want it to stay digitgrade, to keep the whole bestial design somewhat in balance and also to kind of emphasize their focus on walking, rather than jumping.
So i thought, for good balance they wouldn’t only use their tails, but also very “big” paws, which would have a similar effect as having human plantigrade feet,  because it gives stability with a larger surface. But my main issue is that I have trouble deciding, if I should go for a rather cute style, like fluffy cat paws or if i rather go with a more ratlike style, which…tbh can look quite creepy. Maybe I will find a way to mix those both styles somehow without compromising the stability idea.
And yeah, I know, I could simply make a design choice based on aesthetics only, but i really want my world to be cohesive and consistent and follow similar rules to ours.

*sneaks in a lemon*

I’m currently practicing for the next ludum dare 🙂 which is in december and I also happened to try out quixel after I heard so many good things about it.
Sooo…what better way to learn and practice than refreshing old skills and learn new exciting stuff? 😀
here is a lemon :


some dabbling in unity

I started an actual dragonlands testproject to try out some of the ideas I have, in a very simplified form to see how it goes 🙂
So far I have a village totem and some variables recognizing if I’m within a Village or not and if I’m within a building zone. It was surprisingly easy. Even had 2 different versions of it running, one per using unitys colliders as triggers with spheres showing the size of the village and another method just calculating the distance between player and the village totem 🙂
Not sure, how much unitys collider system set to trigger is actually performance hogging…maybe I should make a test, because having a visual sphere takes away alot of the “how do I make the distance visible?” issue.

Next is, placing a village totem with those influences 🙂 Baby steps.