Argh my heart XD positive news!

I got the grant I was applying for 😀 which means for about 6 months I don’t need to worry too much about my financial situation 🙂
….I’m so glad!

oh…and I’m gonna leave this here hehe:


the map is still a work in progress, obviously and the creature concepts are mostly a mixture of learning how to draw different animals and recognize their distinctive shapes and some ideas I had of animals that could roam the world of Critters… 😮

Done! o.o

ahhhhh….I’m so tired now….but I got through the ludum dare and I actually had quite alot of fun doing so…and yet another good experience, that it doesn’t always have to be stressful and “perfect”.
It’s actually kinda funny…I think…in a way this game could be perceived as quite gross XD Color wise…and content wise…>.>
But I’m glad I took the time for it, considering I learned alot about animating and importing into unity, a thing I was dreading to do for a long time o.o



LD 38 cause I afterall do participate XD

I was not sure if I should, was feeling anxious about it and wondering if I will have the time or if I want to spend time on it, considering I could also spend the time to work on some stuff for my very soon starting business >.< But it’s not like I haven’t worked on it fo months already….>.>……<.<….

And LD can be a lot of fun 😀 I kind of made a promise to myself, in order to not have it add any unnecessary stress to my current life situation, I will just try to take it as relaxed as possible…sleeping well, eating well, in general taking breaks and not worrying about any kind of score etc.
But it’s easier said than done 😀 I will try my best hehe.
Also…I like my game idea, practically I want to make a game out of the little silverfish I have in my own bathroom lol. I honestly find them cute, so I will see if it turns out to be another cute animal survival game rofl…..cause I seem to have an obsession with that…why not go for it XD

Company registration and new Banner

I’m trying to keep working on my games/business etc. every day a little bit…..while it got better and I’m much less feeling like “I wouldn’t do enough”…sometimes it’s still a bit hard, when it feels like my progress is like old chewing gum.

For a long time, I wanted a new Header for my blog and with the business social media sites, I thought I could maybe combine the needs and make one banner for all sites to use.
(btw. current blog banner up there was more or less meant to be temporary anyway, more refined than the old one, but I’m aware it’s not the most exciting to look at and it barely represents what I’m trying to go for in the future with my games etc. especially dragonlands)
Well…first I felt like I would have to start something new, when I noticed a file I had forgotten about on my harddrive, which is a banner I started a while ago, but never completed, because it was just a lot of work….and apparently it still is XD
I decided to continue it, but hell….there are a lot of weaknesses of mine involved in it…>.< so it takes longer than usual to draw it and in ideal case I want it to come close to how I want dragonlands to be stylistic as much as possible. Which means I can’t stay with the more familiar “make outlines around everything”
Additionally, since I started that one, I have learned a few more things about perspective, landscapes and color schemes……o.o
So….I wrote a ton of notes and corrections and are atm more busy refining it to a state i can use it, also in higher resolution than I would need, and that is pretty boring XD because the progress is barely visible for me atm o.o

>.< But I know, if I just stick with it, it will be good….so….to not hold it back any longer:



Also…I did the application to register my business 😀 …it’s getting real o.o


Also pondering currently about it, if I should participate in Ludum Dare….the decision is pretty much on “yes”, but I think I’m gonna take it easy this time…go with the 3 days instead of 48 hours and doing a less ambitious project and being open to stop at any moment….because I think things will get quite stressful soon.

and on with the concepts :D

Since I promised myself to even post some of the smaller less impressive steps, here some more I worked on the past few days that i thought might be interesting to see 🙂 I did a lot of research and looking for references, about landscapes, plants, trees and generally art styles that would fit with what I have in mind. One of my inspirations seems to be Studio ghibli, in general a lot of animes in terms of backgrounds etc. and artists like Bill Perkins (I never heard of that name before, but knowing he worked on some of my favorite animation movies makes me happy to know his name now :D)
Well….I have no idea if I will be able to pull off what i have in mind, but I sure hope so and if I do it will look beautiful and that alone might be enough to gain some interest 🙂
So……hello ambitions 😀 nice to see you going nuts again XD yeah…it’s not a big endeavor at all to want to make a 3D game appear like some of the most beautiful backgrounds I have seen in my life …… *sobs a little bit*

But I’m so excited about learning and figuring out what works together and how to make the different biomes stand out all enhanced through shapes and colors and such 😀
Currently, it seems the temperate biome is actually the most difficult one, because it has no “distinct” own color or shapes, but rather it’s like a multitude of shapes and colors, slightly leaning towards roundishness and simplicity. In a way, I’m meaning to have it the sort of airiness that kids drawings have 🙂

oh also….I had an Interview for a grant today and I might be able to slightly already think that I might be positively getting it 🙂 but i don’t wanna draw it too big yet, because the decision will come over the next 2 weeks…I’m just having sort of a mini celebration on my own 😀 also because I’m officially allowed to register my company now yay 😀

need to do some concept art

If I want to be able to define a consistent style for my game, i guess I need to do some concept art for myself, something that captures and shows the feelings and atmosphere I want to create for the different Biomes in “Critters”.
I didn’t want to be bogged down, by the style at first, so I simple tried to sketch in the colors i want to have for the first “temperate” biome, which is supposed to be the first one I’m gonna create, cause that’s where the player should start to play. The “easy” zone, where resources are just enough to keep you alive without much effort, but the zone should kinda drive players to seek for better places 🙂
Also by trying to hint towards other places, since I don’t want the world to be open but not too big I can actually play with it, that I can hint at other zones in the distance.
So in this rather “traditional” looking concept, I was trying to hint at the cold area in the distance.

I’m working now on making it a lot more stylized and maybe finding ways to lead the eye a lot more, because atm it just feels like a large wavy open area, without real focuspoint, besides the tree in the foreground, but I’m quite happy with the colors.
I wanted something that is feeling “mediate” an area that is neither cold nor warm, so i used mostly neutral colors and every other color like blues and such are very desaturated. I also wanted to go with a slight colder touch towards the mountains and a more warm feeling towards the viewer by adding sunlight grazing the fields and flowers blooming everywhere.
Hopefully i can evoke the emotion of feeling safe and “soft” and comforting…in a way 🙂

Started working on my website :)

I feel good about it 🙂 was able to make quite some progress with my website design and was making some sort of mock-up and how I want to structure my page(s) 😀
No idea how exactly I will implement that, but I’m confident it will work somehow.
I know other websites have similar features, so i don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work…and it’s biggest challenges are to make the Elements work together seamlessly and to overlay elements, like leaves hovering over some of the main page “container”.
I would really like to have some sort of parallax effect as well, but that will have to wait until I have all the functionalities of the website down. Luckily it’s also only an aesthetical concept, so I won’t need to change much, if I want to add it later (working with layers in photoshop already is also helpful).
I also want to make it much clearer, that there are little characters/creatures hidden in the background layering 🙂 something I thought that could catch interest of those interested in exploration 😀

So…the structure and basic color design is down 🙂 the main character elements on top will probably be white/orange, will see about that. Might make it dependent on the game it’s displaying.

Definitely excited for this 😀

edit: turns out, this is actually called a “draft” I think 😛


progress feels good :D

Since last week I’m trying to get my sleeping rythm to a better time, for “hopefully” starting to work in a month 🙂 And because of that, it feels like I have much more time to do stuff already^^ Although it’s still hugely dependent on how my daughter is “cooperating”.
So after long ruminating and sketching etc. I think I just put down my companies logo and I’m very happy with it 😀
I will probably do some retouching on some corners and might even use photoshop pathing tools to make all the lines more smooth, but in general I’m very happy with my results and colors 🙂