modelling with Blender

just learned about this awesome skin modifier today in Blender 😀 I love it ^^



Also I tried to figure out a way to import fractals into Blender and I was successfull 😀 this is a Blender Screenshot 🙂 Sadly polygon count is very high, so I need to find a solution for that…fractalinblender

edit: I could reduce it’s polygoncount from 3 millions to 182k without loosing too much of the overall shape 🙂 so there is hope 😀

2 thoughts on “modelling with Blender

  1. Save your high poly model, make a low poly one by re-topology and then bake a normal from the high poly mesh to the low poly mesh. I don’t use Blender so can’t help you with the details, but I am sure there are some great tutorials out there. 🙂 Glad you are having fun!


    1. yeah thats probably what I would need to do, main issue is though that there are many crevices and some elements that might be difficult to retopologize 😮 but I also don’ t know yet what Blender can do…I had only done retopo with 3dsmax before.
      I was thinking about trying out shrinkwrap also and or reconstructing it with the skin modifier. And I already tried out the decimate modifier, which for some reason seperated all faces 😮
      and thanks for the comment 😀 sometimes it feels a little lonely when actually working 🙂


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