so many bugs…

One bug that I noticed during ludum dare, that wasn’t game breaking but now causing more and more issues when I added more sounds, I finally found it and squished it XD
Stupid me, was wondering why the sound was starting again and again until a timer was reached….because I did not realize that I was calling the method several times, instead of just once.

And in general, I’m surprised about the amount of work I’m getting done since that ludum dare weekend; And I’m having fun coding 😀

I hope I can soon upload an updated version of the game, so that others can playtest it 😀


If you want to learn something

“if you want to learn something, don’t
think about learning, do something, that involves the skills
you want to have”

thats the simple version of a conclusion I came to, also based on this Video, which is mainly about learning drawing, but I think it applies to everything that you wan’t to learn 🙂 :

to elaborate why I’m writing about this now:
I felt a bit weird about my skills, thinking I’m most of the time not really progressing and then sometimes I’m having bursts of huge progression in a very short time, which usually also burned me out quite alot.
I felt like whatever I do, is not good enough…or I’m not progressing fast enough, which has no real limit to it as I figured out. I can’t say when would be enough, so I started thinking about it more intensively and over a progress of years I slowly learn how things are working. How I am working, I start to understand myself and how my thoughts kept me from doing.
And how just practicing felt quite often like a pain to me, because I needed to overcome myself to do it. I thought as someone who wants to learn something that one is passionate about, it shouldn’t be feeling like a chore to do it and not demotivating, but it did. And now I know that it was a mixture of me being “sick” for a long time and at the same time having the wrong image of how things are based on what other people made me believe how it should be. (it’s ridiculous how much people are talking without knowing what they are saying)

So here I am, I proclaim I’m a passionate Jack-of-all-trades 😛

and I can tell, from my experience, that learning is more fitting as a side dish for something what I want to do, than the main meal.
maybe it applies to you also 🙂


How to know if I would like to be this?

This is a short entry to keep it compact, because I think there are alot of people out there who wonder about their passion or if they really want to be what they think they want to be…
so how to find that out?

well, the answer is so simple…

Do it!

You do it.
Then you are what you think you want to be.
Then you can ask yourself, if you like it.
There is no time limit, how much time you “should” give it to test it.
Every day you spend on doing it, you will just gather more experience and make it so much clearer for you, if you want this.

The thing is, that you will never know what that thing is about you want to be, before you are seriously doing it somehow. Before you do it, you can only IMAGINE how it could be or would be, but you will not KNOW.
And if you imagine things based on not having experienced it, it is very likely not how it really is.
Not to mention, since all humans are so different, everyones experience is different, which means, you won’t learn, if you want or like something, before you do it YOURSELF!
It doesn’t matter how many times you read or listen to others experience, it will only give you ideas of how it could be; more “decoration” for your imagination, but it won’t be YOUR truth.

Post-Ludum Dare

I thought I would be heads back into other games after that experience and trying to relax and play the shit out of myself XD, but turns out This weekend was soooooo satisfying (and frustrating and exciting at times).
So that I decided to try to tweak the ld game a little bit and post the version updates on ld as a extra link 🙂 I was not even the slightest bit interested in playing my usual games.

This weekend was teaching me soooo much 😮 not only can I DO a game AND finish it, but also all the elements a game needs, it has it.
I also KNOW now, that I CAN code and that I have fun doing it 🙂
At some point it even started annoying me that I had to go back and do some graphics while I was coding XD
Also I learned alot about time management and how to work efficiently on solutions for problems. I did the mistake a few times, to actually watch full length tutorials for just one tiny problem I had and later I realized, that it wasn’t really progressing at all, that I couldn’t see if it would be even helping with my problem or not and that alot of the stuff around my problem that was being talked about, I couldn’t remember/learn that quickly without actually working through it, so I had to decide that at some point I stop watching those lengthy tutorial videos and look if I either can find a more specific solution, look through unity documentation and try out things to see if I could even figure it out myself. Turns out, YES!
Like a friend told me about ludum dare: “It does not have to be pretty, it just should be playable”
yeah, I’m talking about coding here 🙂 I’m so often getting stuck in trying to make it perfect or “nicely sorted” or making appropriate class names, that I was too afraid to not work within the system I had build up, even if I thought the problem could be laying in that system not working properly.
But I learned that lesson 😀 Now I know it’s better to first work crudely on a low abstraction level and sort through the stuff when it’s working on the lowest level, even if that means using if statements for everything XD

Ugh, just noticed how tired and exhausted I still feel, the weekend drained me and I even got a little sick afterwards now, so I have to take it slowly. I’m so excited though 😀 Not only did I participate in that legendary ludum dare, but also I finished a game hehe.


Couldn’t sleep…so decided to work on the StateManager. Didn’t want to change any scenes, but instead just have a button to “start” the game, which I could Toggle on again, for restart and yeah after some fiddling around I did it 😀

It seems so small…o.o


So standard! standard button 😀

edit: added more loop, now you can start->play->die->restart->start XD
Hopefully it won’t feel so awkward anymore once I have added an “end” button also 😮