An update about my health, life and progress :)

Last 2 years I have been in therapy and it has been helping me a lot. I wished I could have gotten back to this earlier, but I really want to make sure that I’m ready for it, healthy enough to not go straight back into burnout. I’m still not “great”, but I’m a lot better than how I was.
My depression symptoms seem to be almost completely gone, they seem to only rear their head like once in a while (a few days in a month rather than every day) and my anxiety has calmed down a lot too.
So much so, that I have been able to go out, make friends, generally meet new people and also able to do things.
Since it wasn’t just the game development that was suffering from my mental health situation but my whole life….when even making laundry felt like a daunting task I couldn’t keep up with, even if it was the only thing I “had to” do in a day.
Since then, I have gotten far…I’m somewhat able to keep my household clean and tidy, I don’t fret going to the store much (despite corona and not having a car having increased the overhead for it).
I’m living on my own now….having my daughter “part-time”….I “divorced” which wasn’t an easy step to do…and I started a finnish language course to hopefully get the stress of “living in a country which language I don’t speak” out a bit ^^” and have been on it for 2 months now wohooo!
Generally things seem to be looking better now….and I’m having (atleast) one more year of therapy ahead and honestly I’m thinking that I might jump back into game development after I finished my finnish course ^^
Or that’s atleast my hope….probably slow at first and with very very very low expectations on how it will go ^^”
But hopefully…it would work out better that time….something to look forward to aswell, because I really would like to make Critters what it’s supposed to be :O and also to move on to be able to do other projects >.<

Hard to believe it has been this long already….now it’s 2020 and the world looks a whole lot different for me….and probably many others considering the corona situation o.o
I don’t like corona…make it go away!