some experimenting and

Last weeks were quite eventful, not so much because of christmas, but because after the ludum dare my daughter got several teeth at once lol. So I was completely sleep deprived AND getting constantly interrupted, because she needed comfort, so I lost quite alot of my gathered enthusiasm about my game and the whole “rate and play others games”.

Nontheless I somehow managed to continue fixing some bugs and figuring some more code things out aswell as drawing here and there and experimenting with “how to make a camera rotate independent from a character” etc.
Also I wanted something more simple and that I would be able to understand than the completely overloaded mouselook script from unity.

All the while I’m also working on a kind of secret map project for wurm online and I released more builds for my Hatchling game and now I also have an independent site where I can publish and distribute whatever games I make đŸ™‚ without needing to keep everything in my dropbox.



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