Analysis Paralysis

I’m pretty sure everyone had that happening in their life at some point. You think about wanting to do something, but then before you start, you are getting thoughts of “What tools are the best to do this?” “What if I am not good enough to do this properly?” “What if I will fail?” “What if, I will make mistakes that can’t be fixed?” “What do I need to learn to not make any mistakes?” etc. just everything that stops you in your tracks, keeps you from moving, keeps you from doing what you wanted to do.
Thing is, I have had that alot of times and I’m insecure if I actually got “over it”, but I’m definitely working on it 🙂
The worst part is though, is that it seems reasonable to think of those things. You think that it’s just rational thoughts, that this is the reality, you have to think ahead, you have to be smart and if you fail, it might mean that you are not cut out for it.

Which honestly, is stupid, because whatever we do, whatever we learn, we do mistakes, ALL THE TIME. No one is perfect, no one gets it on the first try. Heck! I would even say that things like “talent” are a lie, in the way people often think about it. In my opinion, “talent” is actually just a good fitting combination of skills that we have acquired over time that are sometimes difficult to identify as being part of that “talent”.
But of course, keeping it in a realm of “mystic” and “magic” and “genetic” etc. is making it easier to just discard whatever interest or project to had, when hitting a wall, after just one try.

Yes, I was thinking for a long time this way and it made me depressed. I couldn’t settle down for a single “project” or skill or “talent” I thought I would find that one perfect fitting “talent” for me at some point and it would just “click” and I’m immediately good at it, without much effort.
But that’s not how life works.
That’s definitely NOT how it works.
People are good at what they are doing, because they are persistent, because they just kept going, because they struggled through it, because the fought off the walls that are coming from inexperience, until the point that those walls were not a problem anymore due to experience.
It just doesn’t stop there though, they continue struggling, just the problems are changing and are maybe problems that people with lower experience can not even begin to understand, since they still struggle with the first wall.

My husband was giving me this article today <solve small problems>, it’s about our expectations and how the media and big companies are helping to create that image, that we can just “pop out” new and awesome things, that brilliant stuff “just happens” over night and how wrong that is. Aswell as how to do things actually, how to progress.

I started thinking about it: How ridiculous it is, that we have some kind of “hidden” expectation on ourselves, that we have to do it right, from the very beginning and if we can’t do that it would be more “realistic” to just give up.

I also noticed today, that I’m mostly browsing the unity forums, because I’m hoping to see my game there.
No, I’m not wanting someone else to make my game and I won’t stop thinking about making my own game, if someone makes something similar.
It’s just that I have a little paradox going on in my head, that I would like to see my game and it’s progress sooooo much in reality and would like to discuss it with other people , when I actually have to show something, that my mind wanders off to that “possibility” of seeing nice images of my game on the forums….that I actually go there looking,even though I know, that I have no topic there yet XD



Today I started to sort my Proof of Concept Tasks into Priorities and had a little fun with google spreadsheet (somehow I’m getting easily obsessed with scripting in those XD)
so based on my values, it notes how high in priority it goes and in which list 🙂 That way I can easily pick a task that I know has biggest impact on the game progress, that is easiest for me to do, with maximum outcome currently and which I have most interest for etc. I’m gonna post a screenshot of the Category explanations also 🙂

I hope atleast that I can make it easier for me this way 🙂 and thanks to my husband for linking me to this site 😀