“Make games to publish, not to finish”

Couldn’t agree more and I think especially for people with perfectionistic tendencies (like me *coughs*) this is something very important to understand.
Creative projects, that we want to release to the world as something, are a conscious decision to allow oneself to let something be.
To have a not perfect game…perfect drawing…perfect 3D Model etc.
And doing so, will teach about how few it matters, if something is perfect or not, because what really matters is, that someone get’s to see and enjoy it and I can promise, someone! someone will, atleast one person, which is you.
When releasing a game or declaring it as being done as in “I declare this state as being final, even though I don’t think it’s done”
It is relieving, freeing almost, when there is no need anymore to finish it, but it still allows you to continue working on it if you WANT.
Not anymore out of stress to have to complete it.
And additionally, years later, but maybe also months or just weeks, you can look back at it and be proud of it. No matter how many flaws it had.
That’s how it was for me, when I made my very first ludum dare game. I declared it as done and now I can enjoy it as that.
People tend to say “something is so ugly only a mother could love it” it’s not much different with games, aslong as you go through the birthing process, as a creator of a game, I’m sure you will be able to love the final product, with all it’s flaws, because besides it’s “unfinished” state, it is also a sort of acknowledgement, of your own skills, acceptance of what you are, instead of trying to hunt down an elusive goal of perfection.
This crude little game that you made? it’s YOUR baby, you made it, with who you are, no lies, no deception.

Scary and Excitement

Hah, sometimes I’m really not sure if it’s possible to be confident and anxious at the same time. I gave this blog link to a few people I barely know personally, because of the whole “getting into contact with people around the game industry and entrepreneurship” and since then I felt a bit uncomfortable when thinking about writing here, but I knew this would be simply something I would need to overcome, latest when the urge to continue just gets too strong again 😛
Besides that, I had to make a rather forced break from everything, cause I got a really bad case of flu for over a week, including my daughter 😮 it’s weird how since I became mom, it seems any sicknesses are actually hitting me harder, but I seem to have gotten rid mostly of the “feeling sick for weeks or months, but never really fully being sick to cure it out”….so that’s actually relieving…
On another note, I just got myself today to write an e-mail to an accountant, hopefully that will work out 🙂 And tomorrow I’m gonna jump into numbers of my business plan….which I’m not soooooo excited about, considering that giving an estimate on how much my games would make in my first 3 years is hard to do 😮 Especially when I want to decide for new game concepts on the fly and based on feedback from players, so all I can do is trying to figure out which games are on the market that come closest to my games “expected” playtime, gameplay, graphics quality etc. and then also figure out how much I would like to sell my games for. Currently my idea is pretty much around 6 euros per game for my first project, because it’s 3D and I want to add alot of replay value to it 🙂
So hopefully that’s justified as an indie game price. Besides, I won’t make any mobile games any time soon I think. Mostly because of lack of a said device, but also because I would like to be known for games that are somewhat in between RPG games and casual games, timewise and gameplay wise.
Oh and I also worked a bit on my companies logo and registered a webspace 🙂 feels good when things are starting to get real 😀