It’s kind of ironic, that I feel like I’m disappointing alot of people, by not showing any progress on this endeavour of mine and that I feel kind of bad, that it looks with my current progress I’m not really going anywhere, but everyone keeps telling me to go on, to continue when I can continue, to not give up on it.

I want to. I have to.
There is no day where I’m not thinking about dragonlands…about creating, drawing, programming, new ideas etc. Every day anew I wish for more quiet time, for just some uninterrupted hours, but days would be even better. I’m not even sure if it has a treshhold on how much time I would want for it…
But that I can spend proper time on it, can find solutions for problems, can spend time on just training my skills, instead of thinking that I need to have a finished professional looking product as an outcome.
It’s nagging my mind…

Thanks for all the support there is, I’m glad that there are people who haven’t given up on me, despite what my brain wants to make me believe how crappy I am 🙂


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