I honestly don’t know where to get time from ^^”

I’m trying my hardest to keep up with everything, from social media, private life, game updates business stuff etc. but I have to say it’s very stressful…. to the point that I’m sometimes a little bit worried about my health, since I barely get any quiet and peaceful time and even if I do, I might feel guilty about not doing enough or wasting time.
Such was the case when I started my day today…I have been working over-hours through the weekend and days before, as much as I was able to, to squish some bugs in my game, prepare some social media material, making plans, responding to e-mails…add more features in general, set up forum topics on the steam forums, upload the game on steam (again) to see if everything works and is ready for release…
So today I felt like it was almost impossible for me to work on anything, so I mostly tried talking about my stress to friends and taking everything slow by mostly watching the sales/wishlist/views numbers from my steam store page, checking on various platforms, if there are messages I need to respond to and then just browsed the Internet, practically watching random youtube videos in hope it would help me relax a bit.
I think it did, but it feels sometimes hard, when I think I need to justify what I do somehow and could be criticised for it :/
but that’s MY fear.

So I have been releasing my game yesterday on steam and I felt so sick, that my stomach felt like turning upside down, because I was so afraid of the feedback I could be getting, since I have set the price quite high and I’m still not sure about, if I keep it that way, but I want to see how it goes first. It is my income after all, which I mainly use for developing the game (and future games). A lot is hanging on it and I do think that the game will be worth the price, when I get the game to the stage I’m planning to (and think I’m capable of) I’m only slightly unsure about how long that will take, since I’m working alone and I have already noticed how much a simple cold can knock me out and “steal” my time…

btw. end of this month 22-23rd of November I will have a booth for EmberSparkz, showing off Critters 😉 in Vaasa, Finland on vaasagamedays.com
so if anyone is nearby, you can come visit me there 🙂

oh and not sure if I have mentioned, that I’m branching out a little bit into merchandise, since I don’t know how my game will go exactly and I was looking for t-shirt print for my logo anyway for that game days event 😀 and since I’m not having to do any shipping and printing for it, but just upload and arrange designs, I thought I can as well make it accessable to everyone who is interested 😉
You can find me on redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/farelle/works/28698998-embersparkz-logo?asc=u
and on Displate : https://displate.com/displate/357438/gaming?q=Farelle

will likely update those sites with more things, not only Critters or EmberSparkz related, when I have time ^^

uhm….I probably forgot to talk about something, but my daughter is demanding my attention again….so….


2 thoughts on “I honestly don’t know where to get time from ^^”

  1. Aww :3 Your logo is super cute! And it looks so good on the t-shirts and the other stuff 😀 Need to get one of those some day.
    I wish you lots of luck with your game on steam! I’ll be doing some advertising to friends, hehe 🙂


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