A bit green and a bit tree

Was spending most of my day yesterday on finishing up the 3D model of my landscape as far as possible in Blender and made a new “grassy” texture for my terrain (yes it looks very bright right now, but that’s gonna be fixed when it’s not just one plain texture and having more vegetation and grass etc.) on that note, today, I spend most of my time on trying to figure out how I can and want to make trees for Critters.
I wanted them to look sort of like from animes/animation background like from ghibli studios, fluffy and volumenous aswell as really showing that it’s handdrawn πŸ™‚ but also, it needed to be simple to make, practically I used a tutorial I found for “airborne” trees :
click here
I created a basic shape from pushing around an ico sphere in blender, then I created crossed planes with a transparent leaf texture on it and distributed them along the ico sphere, by adding a particle system and use those planes as basis. (this way I can also change amount of vertices for LODs easily by simply removing particles from a mesh I store on a different layer) and I don’t need to put them in place by hand.
So I simply convert them to meshes, “join” them and then use Blend4web to transfer the normals from the icosphere on the planes, to have a smooth shading all over.
I also got a tileable leaf texture on the icosphere πŸ™‚




I’m quite happy with the result and it works with unitys windzones πŸ˜€

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