very tired but got some terraining done :)

I’m glad I chose to switch to Blender to work on my terrain, there are more sculpting tools and no brush size restriction unlike in unity and it’s more direct than l3dt could ever be (honestly, the sculpting tool in l3dt is quite horrible, it’s too slow on larger terrains, so that any change I did was taking forever to show up and was freezing the program at times, not to mention quite clumsy interface to handle brushsizes and such)

I hope I can convert most of it into a heightmap after I’m done, some of it, I probably have to resculpt as meshes (overhangs and such) but I’m trying my best to not create any overhangs if possible.
I like how it’s turning out so far…the jungle area (where the steps are) feels a bit small atm and in general the scale is currently a bit missleading, those terrain features are actually quite big, but I might add more details in unity, since for that unity seems great 🙂 and then I can test those terrain features with my critters aswell for making areas passable and such 🙂

well, here is a screenshot of current progress:



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