A little bit insight

I know I haven’t written much recently. I’m kind of exhausted….my toddler went into the “terrible 3 phase” or “toddler puberty”, at the same time we had to clear up a missunderstanding with daycare, but now she is finally for her first day at the daycare (which I’m glad about), but we had some rough weeks….also because my husband and daughter had catched some sort of flu/cold….not sure what exactly…and while I thought I had dodged it, I got it last weekend…-.- although much less harsh, which again…I’m glad about, but I still feel extremely shitty and sort of upset, that it happened now when I finally should have the time to work…..and I am working despite feeling shitty…and having to deal with dreadful paperwork 😮 things I had pushed too far, because I simply was afraid of dealing with them….I’m really really having a bad time with calling institutions and people…I much prefer e-mail contact etc.
It might have to do with some facts that I’m having little bit of a spoken language hearing problem. Sometimes it’s like my brain just doesn’t know how to interpret words…and it doesn’t matter if it’s my mothertongue or not and it get’s worse if the environment is noisy…it’s like, language is being turned into noise…..*sighs
Well…..and most of the german bureaucracy is happening over phone or in person….go figure…. ;_; or at least the stuff I have to deal with has no e-mail contacts….

And then, since a few days, whenever I manage to find some time to do something for my game Critters, it’s mostly trying to figure out on how to sculpt the landscape and how big to make it. It’s a little more difficult than I thought, while I got the critters sizes to be about right (35cm high and about 50cm in length with tail) I wanted originally the terrain to be fairly small so i wouldn’t have to work so much for it to make every place interesting….but I slowly realized that the image I have in my head on how the terrain is supposed to look and feel like and the meant size is not matching up…I actually liked the terrain to be 4096×4096 in size, it looks pleasing with the far away mountain range, very close to how I imagined it to be, even though it’s really rough right now:


I think the translation into km would be around 4x4km?
which considering real world scale, that is actually quite large, especially when on foot or tiny paws in this case 🙂 and without roads or anything.
Also, I want to make it compressed, as I showed on that recent map concept I will have around 6 biomes, with some transition zones (tundra and steppe), so I hope despite the relatively small map, that it will feel big and interesting. And yes, that texture up there is definitely a placeholder 🙂 as is the whole landscape actually XD
I sometimes wished “doubt” wouldn’t creep up on me at random times and bash everything >.< “6 biomes! this is wayyyy too large scale” “how do you think you wanna do this in 3 months silly?” “the game is probably too boring to be interesting for anyone! I mean come on, it’s just travelling a lot, making your cubs survive and then start all over again haha!” “changing colors and genetic mutations and such? sounds nice in theory, but will it really be enough to keep players interested long enough to try out everything?”
hnnggg…I’m…just gonna go and continue working with that monster on my shoulder…..