finished my business card and temp website :D

Yay! I got some things done 😀 So I just ordered my stack of business cards and made a temporary landing page for my website 🙂

and then clicky clicky: EmberSparkz own website!

Although, sad news, in a way, is that my daughter won’t be in daycare until 22nd of may :/ which means, I won’t get any more time until then to do anything….at least no quiet and focused time …
I really didn’t expect that to be a problem, but it happened….and at least I know now when it will be and that it will likely not be full time at first, so I have to somehow manage my time around it until she gets used to the daycare.





3 thoughts on “finished my business card and temp website :D

  1. Awww, awesome! The card looks sooo cute :3 Very nice idea!
    It’s so cool to finally see this happen! I’m sure the time management with the project and your family will work out somehow 🙂
    Will be looking forward to see the website around your company grow too (I’ve got a faible for websites… xD) Good luck!


  2. Those cards are sooo cute.
    Kinda sucks you can’t work full-time at the moment, but at least you know it’s eventually happening!

    Wish you the best of luck!


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