some life sign

I was supposed to officially start working on 1st/2nd of may, but sadly, despite the daycare forms saying that they can react to urgent need for daycare in 2 weeks, I did not get any response yet (besides them having gotten the mail). So I’m feeling kind of in a limbo….anxious, because I’m not knowing at what point I will be able to work fulltime on my “projects”….also my toddler goes through a phase of really bad sleeping again, so I’m pretty much tired and anxious all day and that is really hard to deal with.
Despite all that, I managed to do a few things…like I continued working on my business card, which I had finally an idea for on what kind of motive I would want and working on some more animal concepts and a completely not relevant animation for a loading screen, as well as doing a lot of organisatory stuff, planning out which game features are core of Critters, what I need to work on first, what things are part of the polish process and should be ignored for now, what resources I can use etc.

Things are moving, but at a much slower pace than I hoped :/
Also, since it’s my first time being mom and also not so familiar with finnish custom regarding daycare over summer, I found out, that I likely have to take a “forced” break from game development in the middle of summer, because even, if I get a daycare spot (hopefully soon), they won’t be open for around a month in summer :/

And….*sighs* in general, I wished I could be more optimistic, but I’m highly stressed and having also some other more personal problems to deal with….I hope I can soon see some progress in terms of daycare….otherwise I need to find a way to make it work without, which….well…I’m trying to anyway, but it’s hard and I know I can’t keep this up for too long without running into risk of falling into a deep hole …. while I know I can get out of such stuff, it’s never easy and never fun.

I’m just gonna leave some more graphical stuff around, so it’s not entirely a negative post…:

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