LD 38 cause I afterall do participate XD

I was not sure if I should, was feeling anxious about it and wondering if I will have the time or if I want to spend time on it, considering I could also spend the time to work on some stuff for my very soon starting business >.< But it’s not like I haven’t worked on it fo months already….>.>……<.<….

And LD can be a lot of fun 😀 I kind of made a promise to myself, in order to not have it add any unnecessary stress to my current life situation, I will just try to take it as relaxed as possible…sleeping well, eating well, in general taking breaks and not worrying about any kind of score etc.
But it’s easier said than done 😀 I will try my best hehe.
Also…I like my game idea, practically I want to make a game out of the little silverfish I have in my own bathroom lol. I honestly find them cute, so I will see if it turns out to be another cute animal survival game rofl…..cause I seem to have an obsession with that…why not go for it XD


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