Company registration and new Banner

I’m trying to keep working on my games/business etc. every day a little bit…..while it got better and I’m much less feeling like “I wouldn’t do enough”…sometimes it’s still a bit hard, when it feels like my progress is like old chewing gum.

For a long time, I wanted a new Header for my blog and with the business social media sites, I thought I could maybe combine the needs and make one banner for all sites to use.
(btw. current blog banner up there was more or less meant to be temporary anyway, more refined than the old one, but I’m aware it’s not the most exciting to look at and it barely represents what I’m trying to go for in the future with my games etc. especially dragonlands)
Well…first I felt like I would have to start something new, when I noticed a file I had forgotten about on my harddrive, which is a banner I started a while ago, but never completed, because it was just a lot of work….and apparently it still is XD
I decided to continue it, but hell….there are a lot of weaknesses of mine involved in it…>.< so it takes longer than usual to draw it and in ideal case I want it to come close to how I want dragonlands to be stylistic as much as possible. Which means I can’t stay with the more familiar “make outlines around everything”
Additionally, since I started that one, I have learned a few more things about perspective, landscapes and color schemes……o.o
So….I wrote a ton of notes and corrections and are atm more busy refining it to a state i can use it, also in higher resolution than I would need, and that is pretty boring XD because the progress is barely visible for me atm o.o

>.< But I know, if I just stick with it, it will be good….so….to not hold it back any longer:



Also…I did the application to register my business 😀 …it’s getting real o.o


Also pondering currently about it, if I should participate in Ludum Dare….the decision is pretty much on “yes”, but I think I’m gonna take it easy this time…go with the 3 days instead of 48 hours and doing a less ambitious project and being open to stop at any moment….because I think things will get quite stressful soon.


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