and on with the concepts :D

Since I promised myself to even post some of the smaller less impressive steps, here some more I worked on the past few days that i thought might be interesting to see πŸ™‚ I did a lot of research and looking for references, about landscapes, plants, trees and generally art styles that would fit with what I have in mind. One of my inspirations seems to be Studio ghibli, in general a lot of animes in terms of backgrounds etc. and artists like Bill Perkins (I never heard of that name before, but knowing he worked on some of my favorite animation movies makes me happy to know his name now :D)
Well….I have no idea if I will be able to pull off what i have in mind, but I sure hope so and if I do it will look beautiful and that alone might be enough to gain some interest πŸ™‚
So……hello ambitions πŸ˜€ nice to see you going nuts again XD yeah…it’s not a big endeavor at all to want to make a 3D game appear like some of the most beautiful backgrounds I have seen in my life …… *sobs a little bit*

But I’m so excited about learning and figuring out what works together and how to make the different biomes stand out all enhanced through shapes and colors and such πŸ˜€
Currently, it seems the temperate biome is actually the most difficult one, because it has no “distinct” own color or shapes, but rather it’s like a multitude of shapes and colors, slightly leaning towards roundishness and simplicity. In a way, I’m meaning to have it the sort of airiness that kids drawings have πŸ™‚

oh also….I had an Interview for a grant today and I might be able to slightly already think that I might be positively getting it πŸ™‚ but i don’t wanna draw it too big yet, because the decision will come over the next 2 weeks…I’m just having sort of a mini celebration on my own πŸ˜€ also because I’m officially allowed to register my company now yay πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “and on with the concepts :D

  1. Have you looked into grass generation? Not sure what engine you’re planning on using but Unity3d seems to have plenty of 3rd party grass generation assets. It’s not something I’ve ever tried out but it could make things easier. Could probably even use it to generate other things like trees -shrugs-.


    1. I did look into that, but I do want to have quite a lot of control about what I’m doing and a lot of those generators are for “realistic” only, which is not my goal.

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