need to do some concept art

If I want to be able to define a consistent style for my game, i guess I need to do some concept art for myself, something that captures and shows the feelings and atmosphere I want to create for the different Biomes in “Critters”.
I didn’t want to be bogged down, by the style at first, so I simple tried to sketch in the colors i want to have for the first “temperate” biome, which is supposed to be the first one I’m gonna create, cause that’s where the player should start to play. The “easy” zone, where resources are just enough to keep you alive without much effort, but the zone should kinda drive players to seek for better places 🙂
Also by trying to hint towards other places, since I don’t want the world to be open but not too big I can actually play with it, that I can hint at other zones in the distance.
So in this rather “traditional” looking concept, I was trying to hint at the cold area in the distance.

I’m working now on making it a lot more stylized and maybe finding ways to lead the eye a lot more, because atm it just feels like a large wavy open area, without real focuspoint, besides the tree in the foreground, but I’m quite happy with the colors.
I wanted something that is feeling “mediate” an area that is neither cold nor warm, so i used mostly neutral colors and every other color like blues and such are very desaturated. I also wanted to go with a slight colder touch towards the mountains and a more warm feeling towards the viewer by adding sunlight grazing the fields and flowers blooming everywhere.
Hopefully i can evoke the emotion of feeling safe and “soft” and comforting…in a way 🙂


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