Started working on my website :)

I feel good about it πŸ™‚ was able to make quite some progress with my website design and was making some sort of mock-up and how I want to structure my page(s) πŸ˜€
No idea how exactly I will implement that, but I’m confident it will work somehow.
I know other websites have similar features, so i don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work…and it’s biggest challenges are to make the Elements work together seamlessly and to overlay elements, like leaves hovering over some of the main page “container”.
I would really like to have some sort of parallax effect as well, but that will have to wait until I have all the functionalities of the website down. Luckily it’s also only an aesthetical concept, so I won’t need to change much, if I want to add it later (working with layers in photoshop already is also helpful).
I also want to make it much clearer, that there are little characters/creatures hidden in the background layering πŸ™‚ something I thought that could catch interest of those interested in exploration πŸ˜€

So…the structure and basic color design is down πŸ™‚ the main character elements on top will probably be white/orange, will see about that. Might make it dependent on the game it’s displaying.

Definitely excited for this πŸ˜€

edit: turns out, this is actually called a “draft” I think πŸ˜›



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