Sup! :D

I’m feeling restless! Every day I’m trying to do a little bit, for my business, for my game, anything I can think of, that could help. But when I’m waiting for something to move, it feels like everything is just dragging and difficult >.<
I really need to learn how to cope with waiting 😮 way is taking action, as far as I can. I agreed with my husband, that I can already start doing things before the actual business is started and that we can get my daughter to daycare before that also, which honestly, makes me feel a little less awful about waiting.
So….well….today I managed to do a little bit creative work 🙂 Since I want different shapes/patterns/colors etc. for my little critters, which they can evolve into I had to make some concept art to get an idea of what I would want to have ingame 🙂 It’s without colors still, but I think it’s giving a good idea ^^



2 thoughts on “Sup! :D

    1. environment and selection 🙂 I want to have different biomes that, when staying in one for longer, increases chance for certain mutations for that specific biome, but there is also an aspect of choice, that you can choose one of your grown up litters to continue with your next generation and depending what you choose it affects the next spawn of litters 🙂 since there are always slight variations in color atleast and a random mutation chance in general. special foods can also have effects, but I think I make them more temporary, like getting some immediate effects that only last for one generation 🙂

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