more business plan stuff!

Just wrote the last few lines that I could and I honestly have to say it’s weird how working on it was first a lot of struggle and then it just felt like work, but no struggle anymore….don’t know if at some point my anxiety to deal with it just got overwhelmed by feelings of progress and accomplishment 😛

However….there was a lot of stuff to think about and there are still some smaller things missing, but in overall I’m glad I got as far as I did and although it feels like I was repeating myself a few times (cause personal skills and business strengths are more or less the same, if company consists of only one person, as an example)
I’m still quite happy with the results 🙂
Now I just need to get some feedback from the person helping me and talk to someone from the local game developer community this week, to hopefully figure out some more things for what I need, how to continue and maybe even get some new contacts from local game dev community 😀


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