so…it’s getting serious

I had my first official meeting with someone from a local company whom are helping to start businesses around here. I was surprised about how easy it felt. Sure they had alot of Information for me to take in, but I’m sure it was worth it.
I had so many questions answered and I know my next step(s) which I think is very important to stay focused on the goal ahead 🙂 Biggest anxiety triggers I know of for me, is usually the unknown, not knowing what comes next 😮 so this is very helpful.
Also, when i was asked, if I want to get in contact with local developers etc. I immediately jumped on it, because SURE I would love to meet new people, especially if they share same passion/interest as me and know a few things about game development 🙂
Also, I’m glad if I can finally share my game development desires/dreams etc. without needing to fear all the time that “I’m not really doing it yet!” cause I think I got enough confidence in my own abilities now, so I atleast can say clearly that I have made some games and that I will make more 😀
Also….it’s hard to remind myself over and over again that I’m not a hoax…I’m not a crazy person…I’m not doing something impossible…I have skills….I have even some education for what I want to do…I can learn things and I can always stand up again.
The more often I fall and stand up again, the better I will get at it….soooo….up and over the cliff it goes with eyes and mind wide open 😉


2 thoughts on “so…it’s getting serious

  1. Hey! I’ve been watching this blog for a while and it’s safe to say you have another fan. 🙂 Really exciting to see how this develops. My best of luck to you!

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