Business Plan for an indie

Uuuuuuurgh! XD I thought it would be mostly like a game design document, but tbh it’s much more complicated and much more effort than I thought to make a Business Plan for starting out as an entrepreneur who wants to make videogames…..I mean seriously…who knows how the game industry looks like in 5-10 years? or who knows what happens with current trends>? or who knows if a product that has not existed in that form before is gonna be successful? How do you know your target audience, if you have not published your games for money yet? Because I do think that there is a difference between “what you would want to buy” and “what do you like to play” as in, there are some game types that are nice as free games but not so much commercially viable…and how to explain that?…..

but then again…i imagine i would have that great idea of a solar powered vacuum cleaner and I would probably stumble on the same things, the moment it is about innovation, rather than doing something tried and proven…:o

On the other hand…NOW I know it’s not gonna be easy and can set expectations about the plan accordingly and therefore more realistically, maybe I can find some enjoyment in doing the research for it aswell 🙂


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