Did the first step :D

to become an entrepreneur 🙂
It felt like a quite courageous jump and I have no idea what to expect exactly…only a rough idea of what I need and where to go and a good idea what my goal is, but I finally did my first baby steps on becoming an entrepreneur and I’m happy I did so.

It might not seem much to some, but writing mails to people whom can help me become an entrepreneur, doing these first contacts, they are difficult for me, with all the imagined expectations and worries that I have in my head.
I hope it’s gonna turn out well, but I know also, even if it wouldn’t I would stand up and try again. So no matter the outcome, I will continue my path. It’s just so freaking scary!…and exciting….but scary >.>……….emotions are going a little rollercoaster here XD

Wish me luck 🙂


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