it’s so difficult to get this right >.<

It seems like no matter how hard I try the feet always look extremly weird….although it IS understandable, because there are no digitgrade rats in real life 😛
But then again, those are not “rats” in traditional form anyway >.<

*sighs* I have to get this right, it’s the only race I want to give players besides *cough* dragon magical transform*cough*, but because I want to base several body shapes on this and make it coherent with my world it is really difficult, because there can’t be an explanation of “oh they just mixed with humans hurdurr”.
They are small and petite, child like in body stature, they are agile and can walk quite well.
Now to what is probably problematic: they can’t jump that well, climbing is okay, they can’t use toes to grasp (similar to humans) or just barely, they rely alot on tamed animals and their magic.
I just decided recently that most likely all the structural building will be magic based, which means, they compensate for their weaknesses by using the one thing theya re really good at “physical based” magic.
I’m gonna explain that at another point I think….
Point is, there is no requirement for this species to be especially strong, agile , fast or good at climbing, they just need to be generally quite adaptable, similar to humans.
They also need to be well adapted to very harsh environments, since their main living spaces are rainforests, jungles and desert. Which is why their fur is short and coarse, tinted from tan to almost black brown hues. Their eyes are large for better nightvision, their ears are large aswell to hear environment changes and dangerous predators and they tend to build preferably in a hidden or “less straight obvious that something lives here” way.
I mostly decided for digitgrades because I think it’s how they evolved from their ancestors, that they were used to being prey they were faster at getting away from possible danger with this leg and feet configuration. Now it helps to have a good sight over the area, since they are so small. And yes, they also keep a long tail, which helps them balancing with those kind of legs.

I really hope I get this figured out soon, so I can start the 3D model 😮 that I wanted to do for weeks already…..but I don’t even want to start the model before I have it nailed down to it’s very basic shapes…>.>

edit: I fixed a bug in the LD game 😀 now the win condition works correctly (but haven’t uploaded this version yet).


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