I just set up my new pages, steam account etc. for my official “Indie” name 🙂 Very happy about that ^^ Coming days I will probably be mostly working on dragonlands, helping out a friend with some graphics and maybe manage to rate some more games on ludum dare. For some reason I’m not very motivated to do so, but I will try anyway :O

Weird how everything starts to feel more real now…and I might actually start believing that I’m not so bad afterall 😛 responses to my latest ludum dare game were definitely positive ^^

If you wanna follow my pages, here are the links, but I doubt I will do many updates there before I officially start my business 🙂

also got a steam account that I can’t find over community search >.> called EmberSparkzGames


edit: found this the day after and didn’t want to make a new post for it 🙂