learning networking

I feel like my understanding of how to make a game has increased so much (and my comfortableness with unity) that I think it’s time I learn about networking :O It will probably look quite unimpressive at first, since I will have to start at the very bottom, but I might also do some testprojects with the very easy unity inbuild networking solution. I just don’t think that I can learn much from it, since everything is abstracted away so much, that it barely feels like programming networking lol. But just like making a game with extra “components”. Which is good I guess, if you just want to make multiplayer games, but I’m serious about making an MMO sooooooo I need and want to learn how to network 😀 Not to mention that I don’t want to rely on others doing it for me “maybe”, if that hasn’t worked out in the past at all for me -.-
I need something, I want progress…I’m not really an artist, I’m a game designer, I like to make games, but I especially like to experiment and learn and figuring out how things work, before I even consider working together with someone else. I want to know that I can understand each piece and tool that I want to use for concepting a game, so that I can use it’s full potential and therefore also explain “in the future” to someone else, what I want.
Also…even though I sometimes seem to crack a little under the enormous amount of challenge I put myself into, I still like it 🙂
I want to be ambitious and crazy or whatever people tell me, if they do ;D As long as I know that I slowly and persistently work towards my goals, there will be a point when I can say :”here, this is what I have made and it was totally ambitious and crazy project and time,  but now it’s real”
I feel, that is more important than the exact game it’s about 😛 “bring the dream into reality” and it doesn’t matter how good or bad it will be.

Soooo…yeahhh……I got 2 heavy books to read and the vastness of Internet 😀

“Hello world”


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