New Header

I was drawing alot of feet today XD And it just so happened that when i wanted to test draw eyes and head that I kept refining the image, because I wanted to also try out styles etc.
Unfortunately it’s late and I have to go to bed :/ so I decided to atleast crop it as a new Banner and add a little text to it, which is part of the lore of my world 🙂


also, while I was trying out shapes etc. I used the “shadowing” technique aswell, which I’m quite happy about, because it really helps refining shapes and finding mistakes. When i turn off the lines in the above picture, the rathead and the little dragon are still recognizable 🙂 so that’s a success.
Also, while last time I got stuck on this whole shadow technique thing, since photoshop has no “easy” tools for it, I actually noticed that I was already using it, since it’s usually part of my drawing process to blockfill a character with a solid color, so I’m having easier time painting in the colors 😛
That was one of those facepalm moments XD

oh and here are the feet 🙂


as you can see, I’m struggling with various things, as example if I make it too paw like, it doesn’t really look like it belongs to a rat type body anymore, but it seems more sturdy?
When I make it more ratlike, it can easily feel as if it’s too delicate to actually hold up a character on 2 legs only, not to mention that I had a bit of an issue with trying to draw 5 toes….but then again, I’m not really good with feet in general. I really hope i can learn something from this (besides that small toes seem to be always crooked XD)
Also….would it make sense to shorten the thigh in comparison to the calf? i was wondering about it, that I don’t really want to give their legs too much length, since they are supposed to be of smaller statue, but when i apply similar proportions from a human body it feels kind of off. So I’m wondering, if it would make sense to simply have the thigh NOT being the largest bone in the leg, but rather make foot, calf and thigh relatively same sized.
I have to experiment with that….