trying to find the style

I sometimes don’t really understand how it is possible to have a seemingly very well defined idea in my head and when I try to realize it, bring it into the physical world, it turns out to be anything but well defined.
I spend hours upon hours looking at references, figuring out how anatomy with a digitgrade(walking on toes) character could work, how the whole body posture would be, what affects it could have on general movement of a character, is it giving any traits? or even disadvantages compared to humans as example. Then beyond the anatomy is the style. I know I want something that is highly stylized, I want a colorful world and I want it somewhat simple BUT I want to have some detailed textures,  comic like, but not exaggerated. I want models to be stylized, but not as stylized as the characters from journey. I want them feel somewhat realistic, but also light and with substance, not to mention I would like good looking characters, as silly as it sounds.
I also wanna have the option to create non good looking characters, but that they would still follow a certain aesthetic. So I’m browsing through sites, trying to find references I could use to get closer to that image…and from time to time I start thinking that I will be never able to do it and that this is just too big of a dream and maybe I should just give up and settle for something less…..but then I call back that image in my head, of that colorful vast landscape, with dragons and villages and mysteries waiting to be discovered. About meeting other players, working on their first villages, about them defending their villages from dragons…about the “normal” and relatively peaceful life they would be living.
I imagine that people can sink into this world and dream for a while, relieve stress and forget for a moment whats around them.
I think about how much it was a relieve for me to have had MMOs that I could join and find friends, good friends. How I made memories within those games, that I never forgot that are dear to me, no matter how good or bad the actual game was.
This is why I’m doing it…..not to make a perfect world, but to make another…a choice, something to choose from in this sea of games. Something that might be exactly the right game for some players 🙂
That is what I hope for…that is what I work for and that is the reason to stay persistent.

It will happen.

and now it’s time for sleep….past 4 am here, wished I could get my sleep rythm into some stable manner >.<


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