ludum dare slaughter

didn’t have much sleep past nights…or maybe weeks. I don’t know. Today I was spending alot of my time on just slaughtering away at the ludum dare themes, hoping I can Influence the outcome enough to get something I want as a theme to jam on πŸ˜€
Also…I think I’m procrastinating a little O.o for days I was wanting to more or less redo that sketch I did from my ratpeople in form of a shape drawing, but instead of just doing it, with whatever tools I have available I got hung up on the fact that photoshop has no nice and fast one action way of adding or removing bulks of color with just the lasso tool.
Something that I had seen in a tutorial and apparently it also exists in programs like Illustrator, which I don’t have.
In short, if you want to make fast and filled shapes in photoshop, you either need to use a brush (meh) and filling everything manually with strokes or you learn all the necessary shortcuts of photoshop like: X for switching background and foreground color, B for brush, L for lasso and G for paint bucket and in my case Alt+Backspace to autofill a selected area with foreground color or ctrl+backspace for background color.
I also tried the freeform pen tool, because it promised to do exactly what i wanted BUT unlike the lasso tool, where i can just hold Alt to invert what I’m selecting with lasso, I had to actually go in manually to remove pieces…not to mention that it took me quite long to merge all shapes and I think it was Shift C or Shift+ctrl+C to hide the path lines, which has to be repeated every time I make a new path..>.< So visually it’s always obstructing me.
Now I did all of this mainly because I wanted to try out something i had seen in a tutorial, which is making a filled shape of a figure and with help of my brain unconcsiously knowing how things are looking “right” I could figure out a good looking shape or silhouette for my ratpeople. And i wanted to do that, because I felt that it still is nowhere near what I actually wanted….And I want to get that nailed, before I start making a 3D model of it.
But yeah….I think, if I would have just started doing it, no matter how “uncomfortable” it is with photoshop, I would have done it already, so i guess there was some procrastination at play, so i wouldn’t need to face my fears about not being able to meet up to my own expectations, no matter how many shapes i make….

so what?! mind?! I promised myself to DO this and for doing it is not important if the tools are “good” enough if they can do the job! Frigging mind….seriously….

oh and…this is my 100th entry πŸ˜€


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