Another attempt…

…On finding the design I want to go with, for my rat people, the main player race in Dragonlands, so that I can finally make my first 3D model with it 🙂 I have procrastinated it far too long.
Of course fitting that in about 2 weeks the next ludum dare is happening 😀 I hope I can acquire a few more skills before it starts 🙂


as a side note, I really have difficulties coming up with a good idea for those feet. I mean i have an idea, that I want it to stay digitgrade, to keep the whole bestial design somewhat in balance and also to kind of emphasize their focus on walking, rather than jumping.
So i thought, for good balance they wouldn’t only use their tails, but also very “big” paws, which would have a similar effect as having human plantigrade feet,  because it gives stability with a larger surface. But my main issue is that I have trouble deciding, if I should go for a rather cute style, like fluffy cat paws or if i rather go with a more ratlike style, which…tbh can look quite creepy. Maybe I will find a way to mix those both styles somehow without compromising the stability idea.
And yeah, I know, I could simply make a design choice based on aesthetics only, but i really want my world to be cohesive and consistent and follow similar rules to ours.