“small” side project

While working on my exploration/shapeshifting game I noticed that I would really like to have a day and night cycle aswell as some basic weather forms for it. And since I had already successfully experimented with making particle based clouds and to not compromise my main game with unneeded clutter I decided to take it outside of the big project and make a separate kind of “asset” that includes the functions I want to have 🙂
Yeah I know, there are lots of good assets on the unity store that do the same or similar things and maybe even better than I could, but I really want to keep it to buying assets that I think would be way too much for me to learn (I already have quite many hats on).
And a day and night cycle system with weather effects might be simple enough to do myself. Besides that I wasn’t quite satisfied with alot of assets having just too much content and specially the clouds didn’t seem to work very well for flying through, so I want to do that differently 🙂 Doesn’t need to be realistic though, so hopefully thats making it a little easier aswell.
So far I got a basic day and night cycle, sun and moon and stars, aswell as fitting light.
I’m just a little sad that recently I couldn’t do much in general…life got busy and had many sleepless nights over the last 2 or 3 weeks….*sighs*

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