a rough concept for a map

I got myself some assets from the unity store, in hope it will help me greatly with creating Environments for the actual project and any future project 😮 it’s Terrain Composer and RTP 3.3 aswell as advanced foliage shader.
I think it was necessary, since one: I already have enough of stuff that I want and have to learn and shaders, as much as I love them, it seems like a whole new skillset to learn properly to get out of it what I would need and want, which I think is currently just not feasible, specially with so many solutions for it already available from people who know what they are doing.
Then the terrain tools, rtp is having a cutting hole into unity terrain function and a possibility to take a piece of terrain from unity and export it as a 3d model 😮 considering that I decided to just go with unity terrain, which is sadly no voxel solution, this is the next best thing ^^ not to mention that I want to make good use of my l3dt program and therefore wanted some ways of importing generated splatmaps, normal maps etc. for the overall map to look alot better than what I could do with unity terrain only.
But enough of the technical talk…

I just upgraded to windows 10 and hell, it seemed everything went fine at first until I wanted to draw something with my pen tablet XD took me hours to reconfigure it and I still have not set up all the buttons and shortcuts again, but atleast now I don’t need to worry about it anymore not functioning at all….>.> grrrrr
not to mention that ironically, while everything and most settings in windows were kept, the windows start menu I had set up, was all cluttered now o.o

Buuuut after all those little things and also updating unity to newest version etc.
I actually could do a little more research about geology and topology regarding rainforest areas (since I want my game to be more rainforest like) and was coming up with some sort of basic concept of how I want my game map to look like 🙂
It’s very rough, just enough for me to then start making a terrain map from it. I think it’s always better to leave some space for random generation and “back and forth” creativity. In other words, our brains can do magical things, when we let it work together with randomness 🙂


practically everything dark green is gonna be thick and lush forest, everything bright green is mainly thicket and grass etc. while blue is (as you probably would have guessed) is rivers/lakes and the sea. Greyish is for rocky or mountainous areas, aswell as cliffs.
I have defined some main areas/landmarks here, that I will use to lure the player into different directions, while the player starts from the center of the map in a small clearing, just being able to see some paths going away from it and the river cascading from the mountain downwards, past the clearing.
I will probably need to do some extra maps for the cave systems…and maybe I’m gonna make a more detailed map for smaller “secrets”, but I’m not sure yet how exactly I’m gonna approach that, since it might be better to just do that part of level design within Unity itself.
In overall though, I need to start making some more assets 🙂 so I can get an idea of how things look like when it is actually “lush”
Not to mention that I’m never sure if I can pull off in real, what I imagine in my head 🙂 and currently my head image is mostly saying: stylized rainforest, with foliage shading, climbable trees(with terrain trees?), 3 vertical layers, caves illuminated by lightshafts and glowing plants, stylized everything, flowing water and waterfalls, lots to discover, stuff to interact with, lush environment, fantasy elements, tropical/fantasy ambience and smooth movement with each form and camera movement…
I really want this game to look good and I hope that by just sticking to it and polishing the heck out of it, that I can do it.

Btw. my orbs are now magnetic or in other words, if player comes close to an orb it is gonna be attracted to the player, should make collecting them a little bit easier 🙂


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