really important stuff!

I’m working on clouds and leaves falling from trees 😛

But in all seriousness, I did actually get some feedback that helped me change some things to make the game better. Like as example the light orbs, were difficult to determine where they are in space, specially when free floating. I have added a small sparkle trail now and added a point(y) light to all of them, so they emit light on your character and I increased it’s collider size, so it should be alot easier now to pick them up 🙂 And additionally it made them more pretty aswell, since they glow on other objects now, which I think is just neat 😀 I’m excited to see them inside caves later on ^^

I’m surprised though, that I’m still able to work on it, despite me having a quite bad case of a flu o.o my throat hurts so much >.<

What helps me though, to continue doing is to just think of
“I’m just gonna do a really insignificant small task and
I allow myself to say that this is enough!”
It’s a little psychological trick that I use, which causes me to get over that first hurdle of “starting” doing and then when I’m already in, I usually do more than I had planned, which then results in exceeding my expectations, which then results in a happier me ;D
It’s amusing how well it works….


2 thoughts on “really important stuff!

  1. This all sounds really cool, I’m looking forward to seeing the changes 😀

    Also, I could imagine some grass or bushes spread out over your terrain would really add to the atmoshpere. (or is that too early?) It looks pretty nice with all those trees. And the buttons fit in very well too.

    Are you thinking about implementing a “controls” button in the menu at some point? I wouldn’t have known there was a key for smelling the orbs if you hadn’t written it in your post xD

    By the way, how is the weather in Finland? Here they said it’ll stay cold for weeks, yet we have a lot of sun and it’s actually already too warm when you’re in the sun o.O ^-^

    Get well soon! 🙂


    1. haha, I’m doing whatever I feel like doing from the list of things I need/want and yes, grass and bushes are part of the “polishing” so, they are kinda similar category to falling leafs and clouds 🙂 definitely on my list, aswell as lots more caves, rocks, tree types and other things you would find in a “dark” forest.
      and yes, I wanted to actually implement the hotkeys to be visible above or besides the current ingame icons, so that you always can see which button to press for what and in best case, they would be reassignable 🙂 but therefore I need to figure out how to save a config file, which is on same list as being able to save the game 🙂

      Weather is actually quite sunny, a little fresh but you can see and feel the spring ^^


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