wow…much done today again

If a pattern of “doing” is starting to form I’m gonna be very happy about that 😀

Okay, so today I reordered a midi keyboard, since the one I wanted to have was not available and I really really want to not have to use the normal keyboard for working with music >.>
Then I changed all the UVs of my models(not sure if that was today though) adjusted them, removed overlaps and spaced them properly and figured some more stuff out on how it works in Blender, it still confuses me alot o.o Blender is weird.
And after some frustration with seams showing up on my mesh (black and white) and weird artefacts when baking the ambient occlusion map I finally figured out that the subdivision modifier I had used, was set to subdivide Uvs aswell XD causing those weird artefacts…and the texture painting was causing issues, because I had not enough “Bleed” on the edge when painting, causing the edges past the UVs to appear due to mipmapping in blenders view. Quite annoying, specially since it transferred over to unity aswell, so I had to find out what the cause was and I did.

So now I know what to do about those issues and also how to fix it afterwards without having to repaint everything and also that same solution can apply for future alpha mapped pictures. Which is using the solidify filter in photoshop, which kind of extends the pixels of a selected layer to the edges of the image 🙂 very handy (it’s a free plugin, you can google it)

Now that thats out of the way I can paint textures of all characters more properly and more detailed and then start rigging them to animate them. I would really like tog et rid of those stiff “statues” XD also to experience how the whole importing of animations in unity works and how to embed it into the whole game etc.
I’m sure it’s gonna be a challenge 😀

if someone wants to try my current version of the game, click this link :

Windows: Purrr WIP
(I can make a build for other systems aswell on request, but I can’t test them myself)
Controls are currently:
Arrow Keys or WASD for moving the character
Space for flying and jumping
1,2,3 for shapeshifting (same order as icons on the bottom)
F for sniffing out where nearby orbs are (it has a cooldown timer)

isn’t it a cutie pie?:D


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