Continue working on it

I’m not sure yet how far I wanna go with it, but it’s an already started game with a finished concept, that can be simply expanded and I can learn how to fill out all the stuff that a finished game needs and do balancing and improvements etc. Β It’s probably not a game for everyone and I have no idea how many people will like it when I publish the next version, since it’s very tight genre niche I think. Some kind of hidden objects game with rpg like elements, but mostly focused on exploring the little map I’m working on.
I’m having quite alot of fun learning from this project and it’s going in a direction I want to explore more on how to make a game interesting that is NOT focused around combat, but instead plays in a very peaceful and beautiful world, with lots of little things to explore.
Not to mention that this way I can definitely get more familiar with things I avoided a little so far, like actual polishing and doing the tedious work of repeatedly creating models, texturing, rigging, animating, making UI elements etc.

I have to say I Β enjoy programming alot more these days than drawing stuff ^^ making things interactive and having those “heureka!” moments when something finally works, even though you were unsure at first if it would, it’s just awesome πŸ˜€

last night I figured out how to randomly spawn trees all over unitys terrain, adjusted to the terrains height. that felt really good πŸ˜€
And I worked on a loading bar, which works now too, but it rather shortly visible since the scene is so empty still XD
also redid the Uvs of the cat character, since it had some Overlapping faces, giving me more opportunity to learn more blender πŸ˜€
I’m quite optimistic that I will be able to bring this game to a finished state πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Continue working on it

  1. Trying to play your game proved a bit challenging, since all browsers except Firefox don’t seem to support WebGL anymore. Even Firefox wasn’t working for me. Once I clicked on start in the menu it was loading forever… :/ Downloading took some time too despite the small size oO

    Anyway, it does look good! I can understand your concerns, but I can really imagine that it will look lovely when you keep working on it. It just looks like a very early prototype by now, but isn’t that exactly what it is?

    I really like the concept of the game. Being able to transform whenever you want is awesome! *crawls into holes as a mouse to gather shiny things*

    I’d somewhat adjust the flying though, I think you are rising up and falling down way too fast. It would be really cool to have some more influence on the movement too, like spreading wings to almost lose no height or folding the wings to lose it faster (Vogelfrei concept for the win! :D)

    Also, I think being able to move the mouse up and down to look around or steer while flying would make it feel a lot more intuitive. (That was what bothered me the most actually, it felt like being stuck)

    Mmh, now my brain started doing UI and Button concepts for your game lol

    Have fun polishing this to greatness πŸ™‚


    1. haha thanks πŸ™‚ actually all the points you mentioned are on my to do list πŸ™‚ and yeah the “change whenever you want” was intentional πŸ™‚ I wanted a peaceful enjoyable game with freedom within the map borders ;D it just lacks the content for the exploration atm XD and yeah it’s early prototype πŸ™‚ and the movement is currently the biggest issue(it’s also quite buggy)
      I have no date yet, but there is an improved version already, just not uploaded anywhere cause im collecting the additions before “releasing” it again πŸ˜€

      and about the web browser…i guess i gonna have to scrap that completely…webgl is quite new in unity and it has lots of issues that I can’t fix.
      I admit though, since Iam usually more action oriented games (except for wurm) that it feels difficult to see what exactly I think this game could have that could attract others to it XD so I feel like I need to do the graphical aspects or variety of things to explore extra carefully ^^”


      1. Hmm… exploring a world in different forms and being able to change these forms whenever you want – that already sounds like something that would make me want to try the game out πŸ˜€

        By the way, I showed the game to my partner and he was very enthusiastic while playing… Although he did some strange things like trying to collect things on the ground and on the tree in bird form instead of changing the form… and finally he fell of the edge of the world lol

        You see, it already attracts other people xD


      2. lol XD well it’s meant that way πŸ˜€ ray also told me that he climbed up the tree in cat form and then turned into a mouse to collect the item πŸ˜€ because you can see better in tight places with it ^^ I’m probably also adding some shortsightedness to the mouse, just because i think it could look cool XD


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