so I got it somewhat finished

and submitted it like last minute of the deadline 😛
Honestly though, even though I’m very happy with what I have learned and I achieved all my personal goals (using Blender, getting a bit more comfortable with it, coding again etc.)

I’m rather disappointed in how the game feels and stuff….I’m still having huge issues with implementing sounds in unity and also, I’m not really good at particles….and probably also not very good at Animations..-.- I feel a bit down now, because I had an expectation in my head of how the game was supposed to look like, but now it looks rather like one of those 2004-2006 released games, with bland textures and polygonal looking characters etc.

I’m also extremly tired….

If you want to play it, feel free 🙂 the good things that I can say are, that the smelling ability works very well, the flying feels nice (need to be careful with spacebar though) and I like the “plop” sound the pickup items do when collecting them ;D

Link to “Purrr”

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