Need a little break

So I’m using it to show some progress 😀

so after last night’s trouble with unitys character controller (the example code is only good for jumping once when touching ground, but is awful when trying to change it for flying mechanics) so I did something “unthinkable” and have 2 different movement mechanics ingame now, one with using character controller and the other with just a normal rigidbody 😛 but therefore flying feels quite awesome now 😀 for a capsule XD

so yeah, most of the games core are finished now, only need to add the “smelling” mechanic now, so that it’s easier to find the collectibles 😀
But I also need my 3d models now, so I started drawing the references for Blender 😮 I think it took too long, but I’m gonna run with it now and I’m quite satisfied working with the cintiq 😀 it actually IS making the drawing process alot more pleasant.

Enough of words, here some progress 😀

my first 2 concepts for my shapeshifting game and I sticked to the “hidden objects” theme, since I thought a tower “platformer” is somewhat boring, even if it would be full of action, but I decided I want a peaceful game 🙂


those concepts are the different shapeshifting forms, although I’m probably adding one more color for each different form 🙂

and those are current screenshots of climbing and flying in action 😀


and wow…I actually got “into the flow” several times while programming ^^ I’m almost sad that I have to do some graphics now 😛


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