Preparations for Ludum Dare 35

since around a week now, I’m working on planning, organizing etc. for LD 35 šŸ˜€ I’m excited and a little tense, but in first place I’m excited to do it again ^^

So far I have set up a trello board (from last time) to do all kinds of home related stuff, like cleaning up desk, making grocery list for the weekend, clean up dishes @_@ etc. and then created another trello board with a plan of action for what I need to do to most likely finish the game in time ;D what I need for it and whats important etc.
Also updating unity and any other program that I want to use that might need an update, setting up a unity project with folders, setting some rough times for how long each phase should take, checking if my “hardware” is working, like graphic tablet and microphone and camera šŸ˜€
There is so much to do! And I still want to find time somewhere to exercise a bit, make a basic character model in blender, to “warm up” before LD and to figure out how the rigging and animating works in it :o, but I’m not too worried, I’m sure I will figure it out even if I don’t get to practice it beforehand šŸ™‚

Also I decided to go with 3D this time and I’m gonna use unity, visual studio (C#), blender, lmms for music, audacity, probably sfxr/bfxr, photoshop and maybe, depending on the topic l3dt to create a landscape. I would like to do something more “world” like, but I’m not sure yet, if it would fit to the theme or if I will have enough time for it.

All in all, it feels like preparing for an adventure šŸ˜€ and additionally it seems the wacom cintiq 13HD I ordered some days ago is arriving today, I hope it’s not gonna distract me too much. I’m so happy though, that I could finally fullfill that wish of mine to have a screen pentablet šŸ˜€ (it’s the smallest one from them)



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