Today I started to sort my Proof of Concept Tasks into Priorities and had a little fun with google spreadsheet (somehow I’m getting easily obsessed with scripting in those XD)
so based on my values, it notes how high in priority it goes and in which list 🙂 That way I can easily pick a task that I know has biggest impact on the game progress, that is easiest for me to do, with maximum outcome currently and which I have most interest for etc. I’m gonna post a screenshot of the Category explanations also 🙂

I hope atleast that I can make it easier for me this way 🙂 and thanks to my husband for linking me to this site 😀

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Good find. I had been (putting off) thinking about creating a personal system for managing weekly tasks but CARVER seems like the better & simpler option to me.


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