If you want to learn something

“if you want to learn something, don’t
think about learning, do something, that involves the skills
you want to have”

thats the simple version of a conclusion I came to, also based on this Video, which is mainly about learning drawing, but I think it applies to everything that you wan’t to learn 🙂 :

to elaborate why I’m writing about this now:
I felt a bit weird about my skills, thinking I’m most of the time not really progressing and then sometimes I’m having bursts of huge progression in a very short time, which usually also burned me out quite alot.
I felt like whatever I do, is not good enough…or I’m not progressing fast enough, which has no real limit to it as I figured out. I can’t say when would be enough, so I started thinking about it more intensively and over a progress of years I slowly learn how things are working. How I am working, I start to understand myself and how my thoughts kept me from doing.
And how just practicing felt quite often like a pain to me, because I needed to overcome myself to do it. I thought as someone who wants to learn something that one is passionate about, it shouldn’t be feeling like a chore to do it and not demotivating, but it did. And now I know that it was a mixture of me being “sick” for a long time and at the same time having the wrong image of how things are based on what other people made me believe how it should be. (it’s ridiculous how much people are talking without knowing what they are saying)

So here I am, I proclaim I’m a passionate Jack-of-all-trades 😛

and I can tell, from my experience, that learning is more fitting as a side dish for something what I want to do, than the main meal.
maybe it applies to you also 🙂