How to know if I would like to be this?

This is a short entry to keep it compact, because I think there are alot of people out there who wonder about their passion or if they really want to be what they think they want to be…
so how to find that out?

well, the answer is so simple…

Do it!

You do it.
Then you are what you think you want to be.
Then you can ask yourself, if you like it.
There is no time limit, how much time you “should” give it to test it.
Every day you spend on doing it, you will just gather more experience and make it so much clearer for you, if you want this.

The thing is, that you will never know what that thing is about you want to be, before you are seriously doing it somehow. Before you do it, you can only IMAGINE how it could be or would be, but you will not KNOW.
And if you imagine things based on not having experienced it, it is very likely not how it really is.
Not to mention, since all humans are so different, everyones experience is different, which means, you won’t learn, if you want or like something, before you do it YOURSELF!
It doesn’t matter how many times you read or listen to others experience, it will only give you ideas of how it could be; more “decoration” for your imagination, but it won’t be YOUR truth.


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