I’m daring :D

Yeah….well and I’m really nervous about it ^^” So this will be the first time I’m trying to participate on a ludum dare 😮
Thats gonna be interesting….


Let’s just say I’m the same amount of hyped that I’m feeling anxious about it, that I don’t know if I can finish a game in time, but this might be also that opportunity to learn more about myself ^^

my current plans and questions to figure out today:

-how to change scene in unity?
(main menu to game, maybe with intro video inbetween)
-how to “build” the game into an exe file?

graphics and animations:
-how to use spritesheet in unity as animation? can I set
a timing for each frame?
-is the sprite script in photoshop working?(anim to sheet)
-how many sprite images are minimum for walk animation?
-how to import spritesheet into unity?

-how to import sound into unity?
-how to play sound on specific events/frames of animations?

-how to import music?
-how to loop music?
-how to play music through a level/scene?
-how to make simple music with lmms?

-does google drive have a public sharing option/public dl link?
other preparations:

-clean up desk, so i can work on it
without being bothered by things in the way
-make grocery list
-set camera to people with background (to make progress photos)
-create Folder Hierarchy to work with
-take out microphone(and test if its working with audacity)
-dig out sketchbook, pencil, eraser etc. for making fast ideas

for me ludum dare starts at 4 am O.o phew….