one day this one day that

While I was contemplating, why I have not started my actual MMO game yet, like actually started, like having something visible on the screen of a game that can be roughly recognized as something that can shape into an MMO.
I noticed thoughts of that I don’t think my idea is spectacularly special or overwhelmingly unique or that it would somehow be different enough from other games to not just get the stamp of: URGH another MMO like that!

But why should it matter to me? Why should it matter to me, if someone thinks my game idea is not worth exploring? why should it matter to me, if my game is getting popular or makes good amount of money or not? Does it make me less of a true game developer to have thoughts of wanting it to be profitable? Is it making my idea less worth, if I think it might not be THAT big breakthrough?

But there is also another thought…WHEN is the start of a game? When is it “born”? Who is making the treshhold of when a game is starting to become real?
and are other indie game devs having similar thoughts and insecurities?

so many questions…