personal motivational speech?XD

You can do, whatever you want to do, there is no “best skillset”.
If we do, what we want and need, if we follow our dreams, then the skills we already have will be forming a new Skill that is very unique and special in every way.
That is atleast, what I believe in, since creativity works the same way for me. I collect and I combine and when I bring it down to paper, no matter how often other people have drawn dragons, my dragons are unique, no one has drawn anything like them, that goes for everything and everyone.
Our skills, our styles, our way of being is a collection of everything we are and what we have done and experienced in our lifes, it doesn’t exclude anything, even if we put more importance into some events than others.
Life doesn’t care about our values…heck even our skills don’t care about our human values.
If we understand and accept this, then we will realize that we can do anything!

To be honest, those thoughts came up, when I was again confronted with it, that for years I was holding myself back in regards of programming…I was asked how I’m supposed to learn programming, if I’m having bad grades in math…I was being told in subtle ways, that women are not good at math and programming, that women have more problems with finding solutions, that women are not good with logic and that the closest I can get to making game worlds is Art.
I was confronted with it, that as children me and my brother were both playing alot of computer games (which was already seen as awful, because we did it quite excessively), but it was only my brother who was being asked why he isn’t turning his love for computer games into something useful like programming….when I was applying to study for Games and Animations, the topic with my math grades came up….when we were having programming lessons in university, the starting point seemed to be further than “beginner” which resulted in me feeling again discouraged and believing that I’m just no good at programming….

It’s not their fault entirely though. I listened to them and I avoided getting my hands dirty, to not having to confront some of my weaknesses created by avoiding it all this time. I’m still quite often trying to avoid programming, even though I feel an urge to do it, just because I’m afraid that I could find myself REALLY being proven that I’m not good as a programmer…

A good friend of mine made a joke recently about the thoughts that still linger in my mind from what people told me in my past: “Imagine after 10 or 20 years, you would get a phone call from one of them, telling you: “those opinions are really hindering me from doing anything, now it’s ENOUGH! fu** you!”

achievement unlocked: ridiculify your negative thoughts!