handdrawn map :)

So now I have done it, I have overcome the first empty page of my sketchbook that is specifically only for Dragonlands related stuff 🙂 and I think I can also call it a first attempt at handdrawing a map.
I didn’t draw in any forests or names yet and I definitely want a better understanding on how rivers work before I draw them in also 🙂

Also I’m currently researching about voxels, somehow, while playing around with heightmaps I noticed that I really would like terraforming and preferable with Overhangs and Caves aswell as dynamic water. It doesn’t have to be realistic real time simulation, but it would be nice to find a way away from how all the other mmos look like (with fixed static lvls and maps). Sadly there are not many games with terraforming out there…and I think terraforming is one way for players to leave a more permanent mark on a world and feel more involved in a game 🙂


2 thoughts on “handdrawn map :)

  1. I would recommend reading a book called “A Magical Society: Guide to Mapping”. It shows you how to come up with realistic-ish fantasy worlds by considering things like how the axial tilt affects climate & how tectonic plates form mountains. It’s an interesting read :).


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