I see land!

very grassy and rough land that is 🙂 but it’s a start!
And it seems that my first map has some similarities to a pawprint of a dragon, so I’m quite happy with it. Of course it’s very crude and I still try to figure out an easy way to create erosion and a better looking landmass in general without handpainting everything in, but so far it seems that I could only find programs that either need to be payed for (with horrific prices) or they don’t give me the results I would like to have :/ So I guess, even if it’s quite alot of work, I may just do it by hand anyway.

Also, something from behind the scenes: photoshop was driving me nuts the past few days. I don’t know how many times I needed to create a new file to copy in the latest image of the latest heightmap to then save it a s a raw file to import it into unity. For some reason, even though the setting were identical, all my heightmap(s) were creating minecrafty like steps in the imported terrain…it’s possible it was even my own fault though, simply changing between 8bit and 16bit mode doesn’t seem to actually convert a file properly, but instead leaves some kind of fragments inside the image that are invisible in photoshop, but very visible in unity. I had to fix it by creating a 16bit grayscale file and NEVER EVER change it into 8bit O.o
It’s just sad that alot of the filters can’t be used when using photoshop this way.

hmmm…too many mountains…

dragonlands_firstland terrain_fog_skybox_water

2 thoughts on “I see land!

  1. I think you should check the Unity Live Training section, cause they have an introduction to heightmaps video.


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