New Mats :)

I decided that maybe I take a step back again, doing what I feel most comfortable with, from all the things I can do or know how to do them, which is drawing and modelling with clay 🙂
Also I want to dedicate a completely fresh sketchbook only to the development of Dragonlands 😀
So I went out today and bought one, that for some reason I just fell in love with on first sight and also bought some non hardening clay and I stumbled over some earth tone colored pencils.
Which means I will try out to challenge myself to make my game world real, while I make the actual game and also to get back into game development.
My plan is and I hope I can trick my brain a little bit, to create forms with clay, can be very rough, but in general I always felt like my proportions etc. are turning out way better in modelling than in drawing, because I can “feel” the form and I don’t need to translate it immediately into 2 dimensional pictures, means I can also play around more before I settle for something I like.

Hopefully, drawing those forms then, will result in them more looking like I’m actually drawing what I’m seeing, like I would be visiting Dragonlands and like a Scientist draw animals, plants and environments as I see them, make notes about their behaviours etc. and in general build up some kind of library of how my world is being build together 🙂



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